User Guidelines

To keep Photophily a clean, safe and civilized platform, we have some user/community guidelines.

  • Be nice and civilized
  • Photophily is about photography, videography and visual arts in general, keep on topic
  • No multiple accounts
  • No illegal content, intellectual property infringement
  • No mean comments, insult, swear, vulgar, profane language
  • No impersonation of someone else
  • No spam, promotion of other sites, advertising of any kind
  • No hotlinking
  • No violent, discriminating, controversial religious or political content
  • No adult content, nudity/semi-nudity
  • No all caps
  • No off topic discussions unless there is a specific section for them
  • No self promotion, social media accounts spam

By using Photophily you agree to abide by the above Guidelines or you may be banned without prior notice. It’s in our sole discretion to act upon the violation of these rules or Terms of Service to the extent that your account may be terminated.

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