Video – Speed Edit: The Tulip

Photo editing process

I took this photograph on April 21st, 2017 and processed it on June 19th, 2018. It rested on my harddrive for more than a year.

This happens all the time. I have many hundreds of photographs waiting for me to be worked on. Because photo editing is a lengthy process, it needs a lot of thinking and figuring out what to do with the image.

Even then, you might not like the outcome. I still make refinements on many images I made before. Don’t think that us photographers have a magic formula to instantly make beautiful photos.

We don’t have a secret formula, in fact there isn’t one. It’s training and years of practice and never ending learning process.

Sometimes you work on an image for hours and don’t even notice how the time passes. Processing this photo was just like that.

The actual length of this video is 56 minutes from start to finish. However I made some refinements several times since. I still see some issues to be fixed but I don’t have time to do that for now.

You never finish an image, you abandon it as the saying goes. I’m planning to make a longer video, possibly a tutorial on how I edited this image and on my thought processes.

For now I present you the sped up version of it.

And here is a comparison of unedited and edited version of the photograph.

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